Northern Lights

from by Nick Iles

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Are we looking at the northern lights and the
Starry sky in awe of the creator
Or are we restraining it with science discussing
how far we have come since 1939

Are we looking for a way to explain
Every thing with human understanding
As we begin to reach for a larger mind than ours we
Hardly touch the surface of his pool of thought

Looking at the world through our humanistic glasses
Is like trying to do a puzzle without any pieces
And trying to grasp creation without knowing the creator
Is like trying to see your features in a foggy mirror

And we've got a long way to go
Oh we have got a long way to go

Are we breaking new ground, or just discovering new
Assemblies of what we were given at the start and we're
Marring our view of God's great wisdom, as we're
Scarring ourselves by thinking we're worth more than we are

Are these tools we make really constructs of a mind
Far beyond what we could come up with by ourselves
And are we just looking to put windmills out of use
Charting all our maps and claiming where we choose

"It's all about you" is the mood of this “great” nation
"This is just what we do" is the theme of this generation
And our culture's distorting all our morals from the core
Morals we were taught as youth are all but no more

And we've stopped searching for something bigger than ourselves
Though we are looking in the places that he dwells
We say that we are superior to all other walks of life
And our sweet sweet America, is the only one that’s right

But we have gotten it all wrong
Oh we have gotten it all wrong


from Northern Lights, released January 18, 2015
Mixing and Mastering for this track done by MTM productions.




Nick Iles Waukesha, Wisconsin

A home recorded music production for anyone who wants to listen.

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