Amphibians and Animosity - EP

by Nick Iles

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Had a bunch of fun recording this album, God bless, hope you enjoy it!

- Nick


released February 13, 2013

Instruments and vocals by Nick Iles
Rest In Peace written by Chase Cressy
Freeze This Moment written by Avery Robitaille
Album art by Judah Freuler




Nick Iles Waukesha, Wisconsin

A home recorded music production for anyone who wants to listen.

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Track Name: Fishes
I wanna tell you 'bout the fishes
I wanna show you how I sang this song
Oh yeah that's when I saw the fishes
Just singing along
I felt the breeze come on
And when I turned they were gone
I wanna tell you 'bout the fishes

I wanna tell you 'bout the fishes
Down so far we cannot see
Oh yeah that's where there'll be fishes
Underneath the crowded sea
I wanna take you beneath
That coral reef

I wanna take you to the river
Cause that's where all the fish will be
Oh yeah we'll swim around until we shiver
But it's worth it to me
It's such a sight to see
The slandering glory

I wanna sail away with you dear
You and I are gonna buy a boat
We'll be far away from here
On the sea afloat
Our things be tote
These songs be wrote

Do you remember all the fishes
The ones we saw so long ago
Just imagine all the fishes
The ones we had before we grew old
Their colors so bold
Their stories untold
Track Name: Rest In Peace [feat. Chase Cressy]
There's a boy walking on a road alone
He looks around him and sees the people in the ground
So he know that he's found home
He watches the air he breaths
He promises himself some day he will fly into the clouds
But for right now
But for right now

The people who surround him in the ground
Begin to whisper 'bout the child who's all alone
Wandering our home what does he think could come of this idle behavior
He listens for the words that he believes that he has heard
We can't see but he talks to himself
He says why are these people lying on the ground

They can't walk
They don't talk
They can't even make a sound

I know you are wondering where have all of the loving people gone
Who used to walk with you along your travels
And you believe that they are off in the sky but to this I ask why
The people in the ground that you have found have been with you
So how can you say that
you were all alone when you walked through your home
The whispers are your sisters and the love has never ended
Even though you have suspended everyone and everything
So that on your very last day the music will begin to play

I beg that you will try to see that you will never have to leave
and no one ever has left
So let the songs guide you as you walk through
and you try and love again
Find your mother and your friends so you will never be alone again
I need self control oh this is no stepping stone
I wanna break free 'cause the people in the streets are calling me
and when i join them i will listen
'cause it isn't time for me to rest in peace
Track Name: Freeze this Moment (Avery's Song)
Head high, smile as they tell me what to do,
A minute left I'm concerned about you.
I look at you and whisper "Stay alive."
My nightmares are usually 'bout losing you,
You love me? Real, or not real?
Stay with me, cuz I might fall.

I wish I could freeze this moment,
Right here, right now,
And live in it forever.

They tell me that I could live a thousand lives,
And still not deserve you,
And what kills me is that it's true.
I feel the rain it's ice as it hits my face,
Without you I'm frozen too the world,
I'm getting cold and my fire's going out.

I wish I could freeze this moment,
Right here, right now,
And live in it forever.

Now's the time to show them everything,
Make sure they remember you.
They'll either wanna kill you,
Kiss you or be you.
Remember we're madly in love so
It's okay to kiss me anytime you feel like it.

I wish I could freeze this moment,
Right here, right now,
And live in it forever.

It was never about me,
Since the start it's always been about
Saving you
Track Name: When The People Return
My eyes are breaking guard and the pieces keep on falling
I see a man I dare draw near my eyes were surely playing
I wait for you as you seek me how could you leave me behind
As I can clearly see It'll pass another chime
'for the yellow pave nothing gets to make a sound
Not even my words to self no matter how I scream aloud

I'm losing track of time I think it's been a month or two
It's plain that I am losing size it's been a week since I've had food
It's getting harder now to breath this inconsistency
It makes makes want to leave something I've done repeatedly
All that I have left is my dissipating hope
Now dwindles from a string of what used to be a rope

Run trembling fingers through my hair is that all this is left
Would have said there was more before the fire rift
Zero maze orange haze no looks from the ground
It's not a question that I like to raise
An inquisitive glance would be more then enough
To bring a touch of faith of my only friend

This corner of the hole is the only shade in sight
There are no people here I know this isn't right
I find a pool of green A shimmering little sea
My reflection in the glass there's no way that is me
What will be the words they put upon my grave
The last things that I say or where I rest I will stay

When will the people return

Now I see the son
His hand outstretched to me
He takes me by his side
And welcomes me in