Living In Christ

from by Nick Iles

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Oh brothers lets go down, lets go down, come on down
Oh brothers, lets go down, down to the river to pray

Sometimes we say that becoming a Christian is easy
That when we accept Him, suddenly life's just sunny and breezy
But I'm here to tell you your life doesn't transform with the first prayer you say
It's a slow process metamorphosis, not something that happens in a day
When your heart is changed by Christ and I mean totally converted
And when your life begins to echo all that He asserted
You might take a lot of flak, don't be surprised if you're persecuted
Just for following everything that Jesus instituted

It takes dedication and faith beyond human potential
To be loyal to a God who's one hundred percent essential
That doesn't mean salvation's work based, I'm not saying that at all
I'm saying to get through this life you need Him to be your all
To maintain a steady relationship with God or human
You gotta keep up and maintain a steady conversation
Cling to what's above for He alone can save us
Cling to the messiah, the Christ we know as Jesus

Anyone who claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did
Are you ready to go all in and quit throwing empty bids
Are ready for a cross, are you prepared to die
Is God the love of your life or just a pretty cool guy?
You will be called to some things others wouldn't even consider
And face giants that the thoughts of which would make the bravest men shiver
It's not an easy task but, you don't have take it all alone
He'll be with all the way if you make Him your cornerstone

Sometimes we don't hear God clearly so we try to do it ourselves
If you want to hear Him speak just take your bible off the shelf
He's given us His word as a connection like a phone
As you're picking up your pieces, He’s waiting for a dial tone
And when you read don't pass up verses that challenge you
Listen to those scriptures, and let the Holy Spirit manage you
Don't read your bible to validate your words
Use your words by putting into action what you've heard

Oh brothers lets go down, lets go down, come on down
Oh brothers, lets go down, down to the river to pray

Adelphoi of mine, someday all of us will give an account
Of everything that we've done, and I'm serious when I say that I don't wanna be spat out
From the presence of God for just humming the song
Are you living the life or just singing along
I don't wanna just look spirit filled I want total indwelling
I'm not just browsing the shop, I wanna be buying what He's selling
I don't wanna just understand who God is, I want to know Him as a friend
Because nothing else even matters when it comes down to it in the end

You and I were made for more than this
Not made for living this individualistic seeking of bliss
Even the stones we will be buried under will someday pass away
We're living on this earth, but we were not meant to stay
God has so much more for us, so run as to finish the race
Live with the understand that we’re destined for a better place
Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith
So follow in His footsteps, His life is what He gave

We’ve fallen into this standard of being lukewarm
That’s what the devil wants for us, he uses comfort as his charm
He offers a carefree life style so we often fail to resist
If these next lines resemble you, then you may have failed this test
You’re so committed to your job and all that you acquire
The things that 1 Cor 3:13 say will be tested by fire
You religiously do everything but relation to The Lord
You daily read the paper, but rarely read The Word

This isn’t what God wants for you, in fact He warns us not to get comfortable
Not just physically, but spiritually, we shouldn’t be fine with what we know about the bible
We should be moving in our faith, and not just sitting in our seat
It’s time we move on from the milk and start chewing on the meat
So stand up on your feet, and march on Christian soldiers
It’s time to step out of the darkness and open up the blinders
When you see the kingdom of God, and all of His glory
You won’t be able to stand back, you’ll wanna be part of His story

Oh brothers lets go down, lets go down, come on down
Oh brothers, lets go down, down to the river to pray


from Northern Lights, released January 18, 2015




Nick Iles Waukesha, Wisconsin

A home recorded music production for anyone who wants to listen.

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