When The People Return [REMIX]

from by Nick Iles

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My eyes are breaking guard and the pieces keep on falling
I see a man I dare draw near my eyes were surely playing
I wait for you as you seek me how could you leave me behind
As I can clearly see It'll pass another chime
'for the yellow pave nothing gets to make a sound
Not even my words to self no matter how I scream aloud

I'm losing track of time I think it's been a month or two
It's plain that I am losing size it's been a week since I've had food
It's getting harder now to breath this inconsistency
It makes makes want to leave something I've done repeatedly
All that I have left is my dissipating hope
Now dwindles from a string of what used to be a rope

Run trembling fingers through my hair is that all this is left
Would have said there was more before the fire rift
Zero maze orange haze no looks from the ground
It's not a question that I like to raise
An inquisitive glance would be more than enough
To bring a touch of faith of my only friend

This corner of the hole is the only shade in sight
There are no people here I know this isn't right
I find a pool of green A shimmering little sea
My reflection in the glass there's no way that is me
What will be the words they put upon my grave
The last things that I say or where I rest I will stay

When the people return

Now I see the son
His hand outstretched to me
He takes me by his side
And welcomes me in


from Northern Lights, released January 18, 2015




Nick Iles Waukesha, Wisconsin

A home recorded music production for anyone who wants to listen.

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